About Us

The www.xenophily.org website is an exchange platform for travel stories. It is a collection of the anecdotes that you tell your colleagues at lunch or that you hear your friends tell over a beer. They are the extraordinary stories, the funny mishaps and unique encounters.

You only get to know a country when you meet its inhabitants. The stories that you bring back and the people you meet on the road are the most valuable souvenirs of your journey. That is what www.xenophily.org is about.

The difference usually lies in the detail … we all work during the day, sleep at night. We have children, we love our families, our friends. All societies have a similar hierarchy. A leading figure, whether president, chancellor or king. It has laws and a judical system for ensuring order. Some systems are more bureaucratic than others … but we are all quite similar. Yet each one of us is unique. Every nation has its own traditions, heritage and language…

The proverbs of a language reveal a lot about their speakers. Whether one speaks of the camel that breaks its neck when it looks at its own hump or the stupid farmer who harvests the largest potatoes.

The poetic or religious name derived from the literary treasures of a nation and the last names are witnesses of ancient family traditions, whether artisans or rulers, whether nobel or proletariat, whether immigrants or natives.

Clothing is a tradition that is gradually disappearing. For some it is a status symbol, for others a sign of belonging to an ethnic group. Both the women and the men decorate themselves with jewelry and henna, gold and silver, with fur and leather.

Every traveller in a foreign country has a different perception. One notices the smells, the other is overwhelmed by the colors or the sounds. One voyager is astound by the bizarre spices and clothing, others see a certain similarity to their own culture.

Read the travel stories told by ex-pats and globe trotters, who discovered something underneath the touristic fascade. Tell us about your experiences, who you met on your journey, what impressed or surprised you and what touched your heart.